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As Wales eases (very slowly) out of Lockdown, now seems like a good time to go into a bit more detail about why joining our Driver Share Club makes sense. There are simply too many good reasons to cover them all in one post though. So in this post, we would like to let you know about just one of them


Pre-booking your transport out, home, too a meeting, a concert, a show, an appointment is a great way of making sure you arrive where you need to be, when you need / want to be there. There is no worrying about how far away the nearest Uber will be or trying to find a Hackney. You tell the company the time you want picking up, and they arrive (hopefully) at that time and whisk you to where you need to be.

But what if you are running late, or do not know what time you will want / need picking up? You could risk the car turning up, and either having huge waiting time charges increasing the bill, or them not waiting long enough, and you are back to square one. Using Personal Class Travel takes care of the running late by default. For non-members, the driver will wait at least 15 minutes after the booked time, and you will get 10 minutes free waiting. That is standard. For members, the driver will wait at least 30 minutes, and you will get at least 15 minutes waiting time. Again, that is standard.

What about if you do not know what time you will want to be picked up though? Not sure what time the concert or meeting will finish? Do not want to have to rush that last drink? What if you want to leave before the car has arrived, and you have to hang around waiting for the car to arrive when you booked it for?

Want to leave when you want to leave and run to your own schedule, even when a car has been booked? That is where Standby comes in.

With Standby, you do not book an exact pick-up time, you book a pickup time window. You tell us the earliest time you would like to be picked up, and how long a window you would like, up to 3 hours (2 Hours Friday & Saturday nights 6pm to 6am). We then allocate you a driver, as normal, and provide you with their details, as normal. They then “Standby” from the time you say, for time you book and wait for you to contact them when you are ready. Your driver will park as close as possible to the pickup address as well, and subject to parking restrictions, no more than 5 minutes away.

With standby, you know that you will not be waiting longer than 5 minutes for your driver to arrive. No matter what the location, the weather conditions, or the time of day. Forget having to wait for the car to arrive, or rushing to be ready. Have a driver on Standby


For more reasons to join our Driver Share Club,  email us or phone 029 2268 0850

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