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Bespoke Wales Tour

Tenby Harbour

Over the years we have been asked by many people to plan a Bespoke Wales Tour for them. From 1 day to 10 days, we have planned bespoke tours for guests, who want something special and unique. .

Our range of pre-planned “off the shelf” tours, cover much of Wales, but may not tick all the boxes for everyone. Which is why if one of tours doesnt quite hit the spot, we will happily plan a bespoke tour based on your interests, desires & wishes.

Our Bespoke tours allow us to create a tour that is as unique and special as the guests that are on it. A truly personal tour that has been planned for them, and them alone.

A Bespoke Tour can be whatever a guest wants it to be. You can take one of our “off the shelf” tours, and modify it for your liking. Maybe you want to go on our Wye Valley Tour, but instead of seeing the Roman Remains in Caerleon you would like to visit Abergavenny.

Maybe you would like to take different elements from a number of tours, to create a one off tour just for you. Prehaps you would like to take Penarth Pier and Ogmore from our Vale of Glamorgan Tour, Caerphilly Castle from our Three Castles Tour, and Penderyn Distillery from our 5 Day South Wales Tour.


You will head north from Cardiff, and be taken up through the Rhondda Valley, once the heart of the Welsh Coal mining industry.

When planning our “off the shelf” tours, we tried as much as possible to include as many of the best places to visit, and things to see and do in Wales as possible. There are so manny great things to see, do and visit in Wales, it is simply impossible to include every single place into one tour or another. If we did that, we would have so many tours available, it would be almost impossible to choose which one to book.

Bespoke Tours allows us to take guests to places. Whether at their request, or our suggesition. With a Bespoke Tour, we will work with you to create the perfect tour for you.


How to book a bespoke tour

The first thing to do is get in touch with us. You can email us at or send a Whatsapp Message to +447538713480 or you can leave us a voicemail on our office phone (+2922680850) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The best way to go about booking a Bespoke Wales Tour is to book a video consultation call. You can do this by clicking the button below

We will use the video call to find out a bit about you, what your intersts are, things you like to do, hate to do. Sort places you would like to visit / avoid. How long you would like the tour to be, when and anything else that will allow us to plan the perfect tour for you. We are happy to do all this over Email / Whatsapp, but a Video call can make the process more streamlined.

After the call, we go away, and get to work planning your tour. A couple of days after the video call, we will email you a Tour proposal for your consideration. The proposal will outline the details of the tour. dates, where we would take you on each day and how long we recommend spending at each location. We will also give you details of any entry fee’s that would be payable in addition to the tour fee.

After you have reviewed out initial proposal, we are happy to make any changes or alterations you would like. We will work with you for aslong as it takes until we have created the perfect tour for you. In our experience there is usually one or two minor amendments, but we normally have the perfect tour created by the 3rd or 4th proposal.

Whilst we are planning the tour, we hold the dates for you, to guarantee availability. The dates of the tour are held for 7 days after each proposal is sent. This gives you a week to review and decide if you want to book what we have planned, or make any ammendments to it.

When we have created the perfect tour for you, and you are entirely happy with what we have planned, the tour will get booked in. If the start of the tour is more than 30 days away, we will send you an invoice for a 25% deposit to secure the tour. Once the deposit is paid, your tour is than confirmed. The balance of the tour will then be due for payment no less than 5 working days before the first day of the tour. You are of course, welcome to pay for the full value of the tour at the time of booking if you wish

If the tour is to begin 30 days or less, we will require the balance of the tour to be paid in full at the time of booking.

A few weeks before the tour is due to begin, we will get in touch with you, to confirm the details of the tour. Dates, times, etc. Aswell as to provide you with a detailed itinerary for each day of the tour. If you wish to make any minor ammendments to the tour at this stage, we are more than happy to do so if we can.

Finally a few days before the tour is to take place, we will confirm the details of your chauffeur guide for the tour. On occassion, particularly for a longer tour, or if transfers are also involved, we may provide you with a couple of different drivers throughout the tour. If this is the case, we will let you know which drivers will be driving you on which days. We will let you know their name, and give you a contact number for them, as well as letting you know the vehicles they will be driving.

Where a Bespoke Wales Tour has been planned for a more than one day, we will confirm the start time of each day at the end of the procedding day


Brecon Canal Basin

Book a BESPOKE Wales tour

To book a Bespoke Wales Tour, book a consultation video call or to get in touch with us, click one of the buttons below;

Additional important information

One Day Tours are for up to 6 people with no luggage.

Multi Day tours that will have days that start and / or finish outside of Cardiff are for up to 4 people

This tour starts at a location of your choosing, but must start and finish in Cardiff. An additional fee may be payable for any tours starting or ending outside of Cardiff

Items may be left in the car overnight, however we are unable to accept any responsibility for any items left the car overnight and can not be held liable for any loss of, or damage too any items left in the car at any time.

Our guides are not historical experts. Your guide will have at least a basic knowledge of the locations they will take you, and Welsh HIstory and Culture in general. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of their ability, but there may be some gaps in their knowledge and may not be able to answer all questions fully.

No accomodation is booked or paid for by us on any tour. It is our guests, or their agents, responsibility to arrange their accomodation and advise the accomodation details for each night. We will arrange accomodation for the driver, and an overnight fee to cover this cost is included in the tour fee.

Entrance Fee’s to any attractions or venues will not be included in the tour. These will be payable in directly to the venue on the door. Where pre-booking is advised by the attraction or venue, we will advise this in our tour proposal, along with a probably arrivale time. It will then be the guest, or their agents, responsibility to pre-book any tickets as required.

No meals are included in this tour, and neither do we make arrangements to stop at any particular place for lunch.

You are free to spend as little or as much time as you wish at any of the locations we stop at, and your driver will be happy to stop anywhere else during the day, so long as it is safe and legal to do so.

The weather in Wales can be unpredictable and changeable. We therefore recommend you bring rain jackets or umbrellas on the tour. Even if it is warm and sunny at the start of the tour, the weather may change during the tour. These items can be left in the car at the various stops if not needed.

In many places around Wales, there are various events that take place that either restrict or remove access to certain places. Whilst we do our best to keep abrest of as many planned events as possible, and endeavour to check for any events during our planning, we can not be held responsbile if acccess to any locations is not possible due to an event, either planned or otherwise. Where possible, we will look to replace them with alternatives

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