Day Trip Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are specific to Personal Class Travel Day Trips, and are in addition to Personal Class Travel Standard Terms & Conditions, which shall still apply in full to Day Trip Bookings. For the avoidance of doubt, should there be any conflict between Standard Terms & Conditions, and these Terms & Conditions, these Terms & Conditions shall apply. For anything not mentioned in these Terms & Condition’s, Personal Class Travel Standard Terms & Conditions shall apply

All start times mentioned for any tour are suggested start times and can be adjusted to suit if required. The exception to this is the Three Gardens Day trip, where amending the start times may affect the ability to visit all 3 places due to opening and closing times.

The duration of all Day Trips are approximate durations and subject to traffic conditions on the day, and the amount of time actually spent at each location. The amount of time allotted for any one place can be increased or decreased as to suit, and the price of the day trip will be amended accordingly. The only exception to this is The Three Gardens Day Trip where opening and closing time may affect the ability to make changes to the times.

All day trips are for a maximum of 3 people. All day trips can accommodate 4 people, but we recommend a maximum of 3 people on any day trip for comfort reasons on the car. Personal Class Travel cannot be held responsible for any comfort concerns whilst in the car if 4 people come on a Day Trip. Four people on a day trip will affect the price of the Day Trip where entry is included. Where no entry is included, the price of the Day Trip will remain the same regardless of the number of people.

Where entry to an attraction is included in the price, this is for 3 x Standard Adult tickets only.  The customer may book their own tickets if they wish, but this must be declared when the booking is being made, so the price can be adjusted accordingly. Similarly, If a different number of people are going on the day trip, or there are children this must be mentioned when the booking is made, and the price of the day trip will be amended accordingly, where required.

Ticket prices cannot be refunded, once payment has been made, regardless of if they have been purchased by the company or not. Entry tickets will not be purchased by the company, until full payment for the Day Trip has been made. The company is not liable for any costs, and no refunds will be given if the company is unable to purchase any tickets due to a location being sold out by the time full payment has been made by the customer. Where possible, the company will look to re-arrange the booking for an alternative day, but no refunds will be given if this is not possible due to either the customers or the companies availability.

Drinks (Water) are provided on all day trips except for The Barry Island Day trip, but food is not provided on any trip. You are welcome to bring your own cold food and snacks to eat in the car if you wish, however. No hot food may be consumed in the vehicle. You may bring your own hot or cold drinks to be consumed in the car, but they must be kept in cups with lids on to prevent spillages

Where extended time spent at anyone location has not been requested prior to the day trip starting, we will provide up to 30 minutes waiting time grace at the end of the time, after which waiting time charges will be chargeable. Where the Day Trip has multiple stops, any time over the cumulative waiting time shall be chargeable as opposed to each individual location. For example, on the Three Gardens Day trip, 2 hours are planned for Tredegar House, 4 hours at St Fagan’s and 2 hours at Dyffryn Gardens. A total of 8 hours. If 3 hours are spent at Tredegar House, 4 hours at St Fagan’s, and only 1 hour at Dyffryn Gardens, the total waiting time has not exceeded the 8 hours so no additional charges. If 3 hours are spent at Tredegar House, 3 hours at St Fagan’s and 3 hours at Dyffryn Gardens, the total waiting time would amount to 9 hours so 1 hour would be chargeable Day trips require a non-refundable 25% deposit at the time of booking and must be paid for in full no later than 72 hours in advance. No refunds shall be given if the Day Trip is cancelled less than 72 hours in advance. Where a Day Trip is booked by a member, and subsequently cancelled, 10% of the value of the Day trip shall

All prices are from Cardiff only. Where the pick up address is outside Cardiff, the cost of booking from the companies base to the pick up address will be payable prior to the Day Trip being confirmed.

Member Discounts do not apply to Day Trips, and where a member books a day trip, the full amount of the Day Trip will be charged

Prices mentioned are for Monday to Friday Only. A weekend surcharge of 15% is added to the Day Trip for Saturdays. Where a Day Trip is booked and paid for online, the 15% Saturday Surcharge will not apply.

We do not operate Day Trips on Sunday’s, and overnight Trips can not begin on a Saturday. Where a Day Trip is booked for a Sunday, or an Overnight Trip is booked to begin on a Saturday, the customer shall be given the opportunity to change the date at no additional charge or be issued a full refund where payment has been made


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