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Driver Share Club

So What is a driver share club?

An understandable question. As far as we are aware, our driver share club is a world first, so it is unlikely you would know what one is. The principle idea behind forming a Driver Share Club was based on Car Share Clubs. These are now operational in most cities around the world. You pay the club a monthly or annual subscription, then when you require a car, you book one by the hour and go to pick it. Very similar to car rental / hire, but added flexibility as you can book them by the hour, as opposed to the day. You are also not tied into the hire companies opening hours to collect and drop the car off. They tend to be dotted around the place, usually in or near city centres. Very flexible, and can help reduce the need for car ownership. The only problem with them is, you still need to get too and from where they are parked up.

You could get an Uber too and from, but what if you could get the Car Share Club car to come to you? That is where the idea for a Driver Share Club came in. Owning a car can be very expensive, especially if you use it predominantly for commuting, and the weekly shop. By the time you have paid for the finance, the insurance, the road tax, and all the other running costs, before you even put fuel in, more and more people have been looking for another way. More people have been ditching their ownership of cars, and choosing to walk, cycle or Uber instead of driving, and then joining a Car Share Club if they need a car for a bit longer, or have errands to run. Uber to work, Car Share Club for the longer time. But what if you could combine the two? Well now you can with a Driver Share Club. When you join our Driver Share Club, you can book a driver for a single journey, as you would an Uber, or for a number of hours, as you would a Car Share Club. Traditional Taxi’s and Uber let you book a single journey, to work, or from the supermarket, but you cant book by the hour. With our Driver Share Club, you can.

When you join our Driver Share Club, you will be allocated a primary driver as well. This driver will be your driver for the majority of your bookings. This allows you to develop a relationship, and the experience will be more like being driven by a friend, rather than a stranger. Our members feel safer in our cars, as opposed to a taxi, because they know the driver. They feel safer with their family in our cars, because they know the driver. Also, because the driver will know you, they will be able to provide a higher level of service than you would get from a stranger. Sometimes it’s the little things, like reminding you about a hair appointment you had forgotten about. Or checking you have your phone, because you sometimes forget it. The little things that can not be measured, but can make a huge difference.


You can find out more about our Driver Share Club, here or by by sending us a message.

Membership starts from a one off £19.99 joining fee. Join our Driver Share Club today, and change the way you travel

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