DRIVER SHARE CLUB Membership Pay for your own travel, or someone else's travel. Personal & Business Membership available.

Cardiff Driver Share Club


Our Driver Share Club is open to anyone who appreciates high levels of service and desires unfaltering reliability

Whether you are simply a regular taxi user, going to several different places, want to pay for someone else’s transport or require transport to and from the same place every day.  Or even just an occasional traveller. You can become a member of our Driver Share Club

When you become a member, you will get a personal driver.  Whenever you place a booking, we will do our best to allocate the same driver to you. We will also allocate two back up drivers to you. If for any reason your driver is not available, we will allocate one of your back up drivers. This means that in almost all cases you will be driven by one of three drivers.

Personal Class Travel Lite is our budget friendly service.

Lite Bookings have a budget friendly meter rate for journeys up to 25 miles, booked no more than 24 hours in advance.

A free Lite Membership, give’s you an account facility for up to £75.00 per week. All you have to do is provide us with details for a credit or debit card in your name. Then any bookings you place, will be invoiced weekly and charged to your card automatically. If you go over your £75.00 per week limit, you can either pay the driver at the end of your journey for new bookings, clear your balance, or pay in advance for your travel at full rates.

A Personal Membership is the basic membership with a one-off joining fee of £19.99, and no annual subscription payments.

Perfect for those that do not travel regularly but appreciate high levels of service and reliability when they do. You can use your Personal Membership for local and long-distance travel and can even use it to pay for a client, friend or family members travel.

Any bookings you place, will be invoiced weekly and charged to the card of your choice automatically. Once you place a booking, everything else is taken care of

Designed for Groups of people. Group Membership is available to all companies, groups, and clubs who would like their members or employees to benefit from membership to our club.

One Account. One bill. One simple payment. With a Group Membership you will be allocated a dedicated membership manager who can act as a first point of contact between you and Personal Class Travel. When a Group Membership is created, you will need to nominate a membership administrator, who will be responsible for the membership and all payments. The Membership administrator can authorise any number of people to use the membership to make bookings. Then each week we will send an itemised invoice detailing who travelled where and when, and how much the fare was, with payment being made automatically by either Direct Debit or pre-authourised card payment, whichever is preferred

Group Membership has no joining fee, just an annual membership fee of £49.99.

A Group Membership can be used by any group of people who would all like to benefit from membership to our Driver Share Club. Business’, Sports Clubs, Charity / Volunteer Groups, Clubs, Housemates, Families. Any collection of people who would all benefit from Membership to our Driver Share Club, and have one simple payment for everyone’s travel

Our top tier level of Membership

As with a Group Membership, Personal Class Members will be allocated a dedicated Membership Manager who will act as a first point of contact between you and Personal Class Travel. Your Membership Manager will be able to take bookings from you, help with account queries, and will ensure a smooth running of your membership. Personal Class Membership also comes with several member benefits, including a standard 15% discount on all journeys, Personal Collect & Personal Miles

As a Personal Class Member, you can authourise up to 10 people to make bookings using your membership, and you may also make bookings yourself for other people, such as clients, friends, and families

Every week, we will send you an itemised invoice detailing who travelled, where, when and how much the journey was, your total discount for the week and payment will automatically be processed

Personal Class Membership has no joining fee, just an annual subscription of £99.99. Many of our Personal Class Members find that they have saved the annual subscription fee from discounted fares alone in a matter of weeks. Especially high users.

You do not have to be a member  to use Personal Class Travel. We provide guest membership for those that want to sample our service, before joining our Driver Share Club. There is no limit on the number of bookings a guest member can make before becoming a full member either. Guest members simply make a booking, and pay in full before the booking commences

Why Get an Account?
Safe & Secure
A regular driver, that you can get to know. No being driven by a stranger
Travel Consultancy
We can plan for all your travel needs. Whoever you wish to travel including booking train tickets, or any other form of transport on your behalf
Booking Line
Account holders get access to a priority booking line, which has extended hours
You won't need to worry about paying the driver after your trip, its all taken care of.
Airport Drop Off
Our account holders don't pay extra for Airport drop offs.
Personal Miles
Personal Class Account Holders get £1.00 back, for every 100 miles they travel.
For Personal Membership you must pay the one off joining fee, for all other levels of Membership, you must pay the first years Membership upfront
£ 0.00

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