Our Personal Travel rates are based on the time and distance of the journey. The final fare or quoted fare is calculated using the below figures


Single Journeys

Timed Booking

Min FarePer MinutePer MileDuration1st HourCostInclusive MilesAdditional MilesAdditional Time
Personal Class£8.32£0.92£0.34Hour£35.00£25.0015£0.50£0.50 per min
Group Class£15.00£0.92£0.34DayN/A£250.00150£0.50£7.50 / 15 min
Business Class£15.00£0.92£0.34Week£1,250.00750£0.50£30 /hour
Courier Class£7.50£0.46£0.171 x Day is 10 consecutive hours. 1 hours break to be given each day
Courier Class is for goods only with collection and delivery taking place by 20:00 on the day of the booking.1 x Week is 50 hours spread across up to 5 days. Each day a maximum of 15 hours and 1 hours break every 6 hours. Hourly and mileage limits apply to whole booking

A standard A-B single journey booked with Personal Class Travel is fixed fare based on the distance and anticipated time of the journey being booked.
Should a guest wish to significantly alter the journey, additional payment may be requested by the driver. Should a member or account holder wish to significantly alter their journey the cost of the journey will be recalculated after the journey has taken place, and prior to payment being being processed.

ExtrasType of ExtraCostUseage
Maybe£5.00Per hour driver is available for booking. Only Payable if no booking is made. Members Only
Standby£12.50Per hour driver is standing by. Payable in addition to fare
Retainer£125.00Exclusive use of Driver for up to 6 hours. Minimum fee. Members Only
Driver Only£22.50Per hour, from base to base. Travel costs payable in addition to Driver Fee
Wait & Return£22.50Per Hour of Booked Waiting Time. 75% discount on return journey


Out of Hours Increases – Fares Increase byHoliday Increases – Fares Increase by
Mon – Thurs Night10.00%10pm to 6am
Friday Night15.00%9pm to 6amChristmas Eve50.00%8pm Christmas Eve to 1am Christmas Day
Saturday15.00%6am to MidnightChristmas Day100.00%1am Christmas Day to 9am Boxing Day
Sunday20.00%Midnight to 10pmBoxing Day50.00%9am Boxing Day to 8 am 27th December
Sunday Night30%10pm to 5:30amNew Year50.00%6pm New Years Eve to 6am 2nd January


Memberships & Accounts


Joining FeeAnnual SubscriptionFare DiscountFree Waiting TimeWaiting Time Charged FromWaiting Time Charge per MinuteAirport Drop Off ChargedAirport Pick UpMeet & GreetPayment in AdvanceRegular Driver


N/AN/AN/A10 Min5 Min£0.50Set Pre-PaidPre-PaidOptional ExtraYes


Personal Account

N/AN/A12.50% Up to 150 Miles10 Min10 Min£0.50Airport Fee ChargedWaiting Time & ParkingOptional Extra £10.00No



N/A£49.9912.50% Up to 150 Miles10 Min10 Min



Personal ClassN/A£99.9915.00% Up to 150 Miles

12.5% Over 150 Miles

15 Min10 Min£0.40Inclusive



Guest Airport Fee
Airport Drop Off£5.00If Paid, no additional charges when dropped off at the airport. If not paid, any drop off charges charged by the airport will be payable in full
Airport Pick Up£32.50If Paid, Flight Tracked, and driver will arrive in designated pick area of the airport 20 minutes after the flight has landed. 1 hour waiting time included
Meet & Greet£42.50If Paid, flight tracked and driver will arrive in the arrivals hall 20 minutes after the flight has landed to meet you

Prices above for Guest bookings only in additional to the journey fee

If Neither a Airport Pick Up or Meet & Greet is booked, the flight will not be tracked, and the driver will arrive in the pick up area of the airport at the booked time. 15 minutes waiting time included

Not Applicable of Fixed Fare Location


Driver Share Club Members Airport Fees

Airport Drop OffThe Drop off fee charged by the Airport at the time the booking is carried out will be added to the cost of the journey
Airport Pick UpAll flights Tracked. Driver to arrive in pick up zone / arrivals hall 20 minutes after flight has landed. Waiting time charged at £0.50 per minute from 30 minutes after the flight lands and parking fees added to the cost of the journey
Meet & GreetAdditional £10.00 service fee for Personal & Group Members. Inclusive for Personal Class Members


Fuel Surcharge
To protect against substantial rises in Fuel prices, Personal Class Travel operate a Fuel Surcharge. If the retail price of fuel reaches of exceeds a predetermined price, the distance element of our rates will increase in line with the rise in fuel prices. For 2022, the predetermined price for the fuel surcharge to be activated is £1.47 per litre of diesel

When the retail fuel price hits £1.47, the distance element of our rates will increase by 5%, and then an additional 1% for every 1% increase in the price of fuel. When fuel falls below £1.40, the fuel surcharge will be removed and the distance element of our rates will revert to the price stated above.

Similarly, should the cost of fuel fall substantially, we will reduce our mileage rates, by way of a mileage reductions. For the 2022 the predetermined price for a mileage reduction to be activated is £1.20 per litre of diesel. For every 1% the price drops below £1.20 per litre, we will reduce our mileage rates by 1%. The Mileage reduction will be removed should fuel prices rise back above £1.20 per litre.

For the purposes of the Fuel Surcharge & Mileage Reduction the price of fuel shall be determined by the price of fuel charged by the companies fuel card provider and not local pump prices

Driver Hire

£22.50 per hour

Driver Hire is charged at an hourly rate from the time the driver leaves the company base to the time they return to the company base, plus any costs incurred by the company. Where possible, the company will always attempt to utilise the cheapest method of transporting the driver from the company base to the start point of the hire, and from the end point of the hire back to the company base, but consideration will also be given to the time this would also take. Where the duration of time exceeds more than 15 minutes of an hour, the full hour will be chargeable. Where the company chooses to use a “pool driver” and “pool vehicle” to transport the hired driver the costs incurred shall be a base to base hourly rate for the “pool driver” of £15 per hour, plus mileage at the HMRC rate applicable at the time. Where the start and finish point of the hire are the same place, the costs incurred by the company shall be the mileage from the companies base to the start / finish point of the hire, and back to the companies base at the HMRC rate applicable at the time.


Personal Class Travel Lite Rates – 2022

First Mile£6.21Subsequent Miles£1.64Per Minute£0.38


The final fare of a lite booking is calculated using a virtual meter installed in the drivers phone and will be calculated using the actual time and distance travelled. Any quotes given at the time of booking will just be estimates, and the actual fare may be higher or lower. Payment is to be made to the driver at the end of the journey unless the booking is on account

Personal Class Travel Lite Bookings are limited to 25 miles, must being inside Cardiff Council Boundaries, can not be booked more than 24 hours in advance, and can only be booked by phone. No waiting time is included with any Lite Bookings. All Lite Bookings are dependant on driver availability at the time of the booking. The time for advanced bookings is not guaranteed, and the driver may arrive up to 10 minutes before or after the booked time, and the meter may be started as soon as they arrive, even if they are early

Date Last Amended 11-Jan-22

Valid From 01-Feb-22
Authorised by David James – Personal Class Travel Managing Director

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