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Our Cardiff City Tour has been popular over the years with visitors to the City. Whether they have been having an extended stay, and are looking to become familiar with the city they will be spending time in, or if they visiting for a short time and want to see as much of Cardiff as possible in a short time. Our Cardiff City Tour is perfect for both.

Guests benefit from being able to see more of the City on one tour, than any other Tour provider in Cardiff.

Available 6 days a week all year round, with a choice of up to three start times per day, so no matter when you are visiting, how much time you have, there is almost certainly a time suitable for you to start this 2 hour driven tour around the Capital of Wales.

pierhead building

Looking for a bit more flexibility in where and when your Tour starts & finishes?
Our new Flexibile Cardiff City Tour, allows you to decide where we meet you (this is normally where the tour will finish) and when

Please Note:

Our Cardiff City Tour does not operate on Friday or Saturday afternoons, due to normally high levels of traffic and congestion around the city.

All Cardiff City Tours are subject to City Centre events and road closures which may prevent us carrying out this tour, particularly on Saturdays in February & March during the Rugby Six Nations, and October & November, during the Rugby Autumn Internationals. Feel free to get in touch prior to booking this tour, to see if we are aware of any road closures on your preferred day.


If the date and time you would like to go on this tour is not currently available, please click on the button below to go on the waiting list for that day.

If the tour becomes available on your preferred date in the future, we will contact you to let you know and see if you would like to book the tour.

You can get a more detailed description of our Cardiff City Tour by clicking here

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