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Three Castles + One Cathderal = Over 3000 years of history.

On this four hour tour, we will take you to Three Castles, each built at different times, for different purposes, but all with a shared history. You will also see “The City in a City” which has held religious significance for over 3000 years.

Your driver for your half day tour will meet you at your hotel at around 9:30am, and you will head out of Cardiff, to the town of Caerphilly. Home to Caerphilly Castle

Built in the 13th Century, by the Norman Marcher Lord, Gilbert de Clare, Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales, and the 2nd largest castle in Europe. Constructed to control his newly aquired lands of Glamorgan, it has been described as having the most elaborate water defences of any castle in the UK. It’s famous leaning tower, leans more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa

After exploring and taking in the sheer size of Caerphilly Castle, you will be taken into the hills to the north of Cardiff, to visit a Castle built for an entierly different purpose.

The Red Castle, Castell Coch, is a magical fairytale castle. The third of three castles built on the site, the current one was built on the ruins of another castle built by Gilbert de Clare. Albeit it, one slighly smaller than Caerphilly Castle.



From Castell Coch, we head back into Cardiff, and visit Llandaff Cathedral

Outside view of Llandaff Cathedral.

Over 150 years older than Caerphilly Castle, this near 900 year old Cathedral has had a tumultous history. Suffering damage from storms and war. Located in Llandaff, “The City in a City”, the land the Cathedral was built has been a site of religious significance for over 3000 years.





The tour ends in the heart of the Welsh Capital outside Cardiff Castle

Here your driver will say goodbye to your, and leave you to visit the castle that was built by the Normans on the remains of a Roman Fort, and renovated by one of the richest men in the world during the Victorian Era. Once you have visited the oldest of all 4 locations, you can explore the Victorian arcades in Cardiff City Centre. Stroll around Bute Park, or get a water taxi to Cardiff Bay

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You can find out more about The Three Castles Tour by clicking here

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