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Taxi Company? Chauffeur company? No, a Personal Driver Service


For the majority of people there are Taxi Companies and there are Chauffeur companies. Everyone is either a Taxi, or a Chauffeur. Most companies, will identify and operate as one or the other as well. We are both, and we are neither. Allow me to explain.

Chauffeur or Taxi?

At its very core, our main business operations involve meeting someone at Point A and taking them to Point B. Currently over 95% of our turnover comes from this very activity. Doing so with extremely high levels of service and reliability. So that means, we must be a Chauffeur Company then? No. We do not operate high end luxury vehicles, neither are our drivers fully suited and booted. Also we are much more flexible than most chauffeur companies allowing bookings to made at much shorter notice, and at a lower price. Especially for short local journeys. So we must be a taxi company right? Again, no, we are not a taxi company. We deliver levels of service, cleanliness and reliability that far exceed a traditional cab firm, and at a premium cost. Our service levels are more like a chauffeur, but our flexibility and vehicles are closer to a traditional taxi company, and our fee’s are in between the two. If a taxi company and a chauffeur company, fell in love, got married and had a child, you could say we would be that child.

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So if we move people from A to B, but are not a Taxi Company, and not a Chauffeur Company, but a hybrid of the two, what does that make us? It makes us a Personal Driver Service.

What is a Personal Driver Service?

To quote a well known brand of paint, “It does what it says on the tin”. An easier way to understand the concept may be to think about the other Personal Services available.

Personal Trainer

If you want to get fit, lose some weight and gain some muscle there is a chance you may join a Gym, and start working out. You might just go to classes and work out in a group with other people at the same time as them, or you might just go on your own and train to your own programme. Or you may use the services of a Personal Trainer. The Personal Trainer will work with you, and just you for the amount of time you book them for. They will work out a training programme, and get to know you. What works for you. What doesn’t work for you. Focus on the bits you need focus on, and help you achieve your fitness goals, by working with you.

Personal Travel Agent

When booking a holiday, you may go to a high street travel agent, and just speak to someone who doesn’t know you and books you onto some sort of package deal. They don’t necessarily care about how good a holiday you have, they know there is a high chance they wont see you again. Or you may go to a Personal Travel Agent. You tell them what you want, and possibly where you would like to go, and then they will go and find you the best holiday they can. They care about how good your holiday is, because they want you to use their services again next year. Over the years, they will get to know your likes and dislikes, which will help them put together the perfect holiday for you year after year.

Personal Nutritionist

If you want to improve your diet to get healthy, you may look online, or buy some books to help you improve what you eat. Or you may seek the help of a Personal Nutritionist to help you plan your meals. They will work with you to better understand your health requirements. They will understand what nutrients you are short of, and help you discover and learn the most suitable way for you to get healthier. They will work with out over the course of a few months or longer.

Personal Stylist

If you have the financial means, you may use the services of a personal stylist to help you choose “your look”. They will identify and source your clothes, and may even help you help you change your hair style. They work closely with you and help guide you with what looks good on you, and help you look the best you can look.

What do all of these have in common? They are all provide a very personal service, that you could potentially employ someone on a full time basis to provide. Or you could just book them for a period of time and only pay for the time you use them. Each time you will have the same trainer / travel agent /nutritionist / stylist / gardener. This allows you to develop a relationship with them, and receive a consistent (usually high) level of service at all times. This is because they have a number of clients just like you. Effectively you are sharing them with other people.

Personal Driver

This is exactly what we do at Personal Class Travel. Having a Personal Driver through our Driver Share Club means you can enjoy all the benefits of employing a full time driver, without the costs of employing a full time driver, as you share the driver with other members. Driver Share Club Members can “book” their driver for a period of time as and when they need them. This can be to go shopping, hairdressers, run errands or drive across the country.

These days, people are starting to look at whether or not they need a car. One of the main arguments for having a car is independence. The ability to just jump in the car whenever you want and go where you want to go. The convenience of not having to rely on buses, and trains or family. The ability to go to your own schedule. Over recent years, more and more people are looking at how much they actually use their car, and if they really need it. By the time you pay for car finance, car insurance, road tax, and servicing, you would be spending several hundred a month, just to have your car parked on the drive. For some it is a status symbol. For others it is flexibility. For others it is independence. For some its a safety concern. Unless you use your car regularly, it can become a very expensive symbol of flexible independence. Some people who want to ditch the car, don’t because they want to retain the independence of being able to go where they want without relying on friends and family. Some want the status symbol of owning a car, and don’t want to be seen getting out a “dirty cab”. Others want to retain the flexibility of travelling when they want, without having to travel to someone else’s’ timetable. Whilst some just don’t feel safe with strangers

There is another way.

With a Personal Driver, members get to retain their independence and can go where they want, when they want without relying friends and family. Having a nice new shiny car sat on the drive may tell your neighbours and friends one thing, however having your own driver turn up time and time again, when you want them is a whole other level. You decide when you want to travel, and your life can run to your own timescale. You book your driver when you want it. Having the same driver at all times, means you are not being driven by a stranger, but by someone you grow to know and trust.

So why bother keeping the car? Sell the car, remove your finance payments, save your insurance costs, and get some extra cash in your pocket. Stop trying to remember where you parked the car, or even having to park the car at all. Don’t worry about remembering when your MOT is due, or checking your tyres, oil and getting the car serviced. Let extended warranties, car finance and depreciation all become a thing of the past. Leave all the worries and stress of car ownership behind, and leave all that to us.

Ditch the car, and replace it with a Personal Driver instead.


Driver Share Club Member  - Join us

For more information about our Driver Share Club or to join, email or phone 029 2268 0850

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