Personal Class Travel is Evolving

Personal Class Travel is evolving.

On 1st February we are going to become, what we believe is a world wide first, a Driver Share Club. A car service for members only. We will have different levels of membership available.

Personal Membership – For those who want a reliable service & high levels of customer care

Business Membership – For Business, groups and clubs who want their employees and members to benefit from reliable service and high levels of customer care

Personal Class Membership – For individuals who want reliable service, high level of customer care, and exclusive member benefits.

Guest Membership – For those that would like to try the service, before becoming full members.

Existing account holders, will automatically become members at the same level of their account, and continue to receive the high levels of service and reliability they always have

We are taking this step, to help us provide an even greater service to our members.
What is a Driver Share Club?

A driver share club brings together the best of a Car Share Club, and a taxi / chauffeur service. Car Share clubs allow you to have car ownership, without actually having to own a car. Car Share clubs have cars dotted around cities, and when a member needs a car, they can book a car by the hour, and go and pick it up from a convenient location. However they still have to get there. A Taxi Service provides door to door service, but the service provided can be hit and miss, and it is unlikely to be a driver you know. Especially in a city. A Chauffeur service, provides door to door service, but around town for short trips, it isn’t really cost effective. A Driver Share Club, allows members to book a car and driver by the hour (as they can with a Car Share Club) or by the journey (as they can with a taxi / chauffeur). As with a taxi and a chauffeur, the car and driver comes to you and is a door to door service, which is more convenient than Car Share Clubs.
We only ever, have a small pool of drivers, meaning that in the vast majority of cases, the driver will be known to the member, which means a safer more comfortable journey, and a higher level of service. More service than a taxi company. Because a Driver Share Club is members only, there is a small membership fee. This allows us to cover most of our fixed costs with the membership fees, allowing our fees to be more cost effective than a Chauffeur, especially around town on short journeys. Becoming a Driver Share Club, also means we will be expanding the services available to member.

Travel Consultancy for Members

Our evolution from the private hire company we have been in the two years since we formed, into a Driver Share Club, allows us to provide even greater range of services to our members.

When we become a Driver Share Club, not only will we be providing travel in our own vehicles, as we always have done, but we will be offering our services to make travel arrangements for our members regardless of how they wish to travel. Our members will simply have to let us know where they need to be, when they need to be there, and how many people their will be, and we will do the rest. Whether it is arranging a minibus for 12 people to the airport. Transport for 15 people from 6 different locations to go for a meal, or travel for one to London. We will arrange all the vehicles, and if necessary the other modes of transport for our members.

For example, a member could contact us, and say they need to be on Oxford Street in London by 12:00 mid day on a Thursday, but they want to travel by train. We would make the reservations for their train ticket, arrange for a car to take them to the train station, and another one to meet them at the other end to take them to Oxford St. Then exactly the same for the return. We would arrange for them to be picked up at a time of their choosing, and driven to the train station, where they would have a ticket arranged by us for the next train, and then be met in Cardiff by another car and taken home again.
Our travel consultancy will take care of all the travel needs of our members.

If you would like more information about these improvements to our services, please contact us

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