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Wales attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. It is a country full of history, culture and breathtaking scenery. It can be hard to know where to start, what to do, or where to go. It is one of the reasons why our Tours are so popular.

Many people still prefer to discover the country on their own, under their own steam, in their own time. Our consultancy is ideal for those who wish to do just this.

First we have a consultation call over Zoom or Google Meets. On the call we will let you know more about Wales. We will find out your interests, and the sort of things you will want to see and do, and the sort of places you are looking to go. We will also find out if there are any particular places you want to go to. A particular region of Wales you would prefer to spend your time, and most importantly, how long you are planning on spending in Wales

We then take all the information you have given us on the call, and go away and plan your itinerary for you. A few days later we will email you with a suggested itinerary for your time in Wales.

This will be the same as an itinerary we provide our guests we are taking on tour. It will detail the places to go, the amount of time we suggests staying there, and the order in which to visit them, to maximise your time in Wales. If you are planning to drive yourself, we will provide you with directions between each place. If you are planning on using public transport, we will provide you all the information you will need for this. Bus / train time, routes etc.

You are then free to use the itinerary as much or as little as you wish whilst you are in Wales

The fee for your personal itinerary is £100. There is no fee for the call, and you only pay if you wish us to prepare an itinerary for you. To book your consultation call, click on the button above.

Your itinerary will be prepared once payment has been recieved after the intial consulation call. We aim to provide you with your itinerary with 3 days of payment being recieved, however this may be slightly longer during busy periods

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