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We are Where you Eat

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Every one has heard the saying, “Your are what you eat”. In other words, the type of food you eat can influence the type of person you are. So what does, “We are Where you Eat” mean? It is a way for for us to describe where we fit in on the Taxi / Minicab / Chauffeur spectrum, by comparing the various options for eating with the various options to be driven around in car.

Drive THrough / Fast food = Ride hailing Apps

We start off at the bottom end of price scale. Drive through fast food. McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell etc. The travel equivalent of these are ride hailing apps like Uber, Ola & Bolt. They are multinational companies who are known worldwide. They are generally the cheapest option for a meal or transport. They are everywhere and instantly recognisable. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the basics are the same, maybe with some local variations here and there. They are generally quick, convenient, and ultimately get the job done. Quality and Service can be hit and miss, and are generally instantly forgettable. But just as the food has filled a hole in your empty stomach, the ride hailing apps will still get you to the destination.

Uber Logo

Price, recognition, convenience, service isn’t the only thing these two have in common. Just as a places like McDonald s are common first job’s and part time jobs. Ride Hailing apps are often the first place a driver will go when they first get their licence.

Despite any claims by either, they are both ultimately interested in one thing, and one thing only. High volumes of customers with as many orders as possible, in the shortest time possible.

Fish & Chip shop = “traditional taxi company”

Slightly more expensive, but still budget friendly is the traditional Fish & Chip Shop”. The equivalent would be a “traditional taxi company”, such as Dragon, Premier or Capital. Before the advent of ride hailing apps, everyone had a favourite company, just as most people have a favourite chippy. It may cost slightly more than an Uber, and ultimately the service is likely to be similar. Traditionally Taxi Companies only operated in one area, just as a Fish & Chip Shop owner would normally only have one shop. Today some traditional companies operate in multiple area’s just as some Chip shop owners have 2 or more shops. They are both locally owned though, as opposed to their Ride Hailing, Fast Food Giant competitors.

Being locally owned there is a good chance you will deal with the owner or upper management as opposed to a faceless “customer support agent” on the other side of the world. If you go to the same chippy regularly enough, there is a good chance that over time they will recognise you and welcome you with a smile and your name. Just as the traditional local cab operator and drivers might do if you are a regular user of the company.

Ultimately though, just as with Ride Hailing app’s, they are interested in volume of customers and a high numbers through the doors, more than most other things.

Fine dining – chauffeur

At the top end of the price range for having a meal is Fine Dining. Places like Park House. Fine Dining is as much about the experience, the luxury and the service, as it is about the food itself. Fine bone china, crisp white linen, crystal glasses and serving staff that cant do enough for you all in a plush luxurious setting. It is the best of the best, but it usually comes at a high price compared to other options. This would be the equivalent of a Chauffeur. They will arrive in a pristine luxury vehicle, such as a Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Range Rover Autobiography or maybe even a Rolls Royce. It will polished to within an inch of its life. The driver will be fully suited and booted, often a three piece suit. Inside you will get more leg room than you ever can imagine. The driver will make sure you are as comfortable as possible, before whisking you away to your destination in supreme comfort.

Unlike Fast Food & Fish & Chip shops, a fine dining restaurant is less interested in high volume, and are more interested in their reputation than their profit margins. It is more important to a Fine Dining establishment that their clientele have an excellent experience rather than they have lots of people through the door. A Chauffeur is often of a similar mindset. They do not have masses of customers. They may only drive one or two people a day. For them returning clients are key, so a relationship can be built. They hope to see the clients time and time again. Where as for Traditional Taxi’s and Ride Hailing App’s, to the driver the passenger is “just another fare” who they are unlikely to see again.

What about us?

So what about us, where on the eating out scale does Personal Class Travel fit? We most certainly are not Fast Food, neither are we a Fish & Chip Shop. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of service at all time. Most of our drivers know most of our clients, and that enables us to develop a relationship with them. A large customer base with a high volume of clients, who we try to turn around as quickly as possible is not something we are interested in trying to achieve.

So that must leave Fine Dining, and we are a Chauffeur Company? Again no. We do not operate luxury vehicles. Chauffeurs and Fine Dining both have the same thing in common in our opinion. Image is king. Everything must appear to be perfect, even if it is at the sacrifice of something else. Style over Substance is most important. Whilst most Fine Dining establishments provide exceptional food, and most chauffeurs and impeccable service, ultimately it is the style element that is pushing the price up. When driving a £80,000+ vehicle, Chauffeurs need to charge more to pay for the vehicle.

So if we aren’t Fast Food, Fish & Chips or Fine Dining, what are?

Independant family bistro – personal class travel

We sit neatly between Fish & Chips / “Traditional Taxi Company” and Fine Dining / Chauffeur. We are a small locally owned family run business, and we do not have fancy luxury vehicles. With this, we are more like a “Traditional Taxi Company”, but we put service above all else, we want to make sure our clients come back to us time and time again. We are not interested in a high volume of customers, and most certainly do not want to get as many people in our vehicles in as short a time as possible. In this respect we are a lot closer to a Chauffeur. Most importantly though, our service is just as good. If not better than some.

An independent family bistro, can often offer food just as good, if not better, as a Fine Dining restaurant, but at a lower price. Whilst the establishment may not have bone china, crystal glasses, or thick carpets, it will still be comfortable, clean and in good condition. You just aren’t paying extra for the “fluff”

If you go there often, when you book or walk in through the door, they will greet you warmly, ask about the family who they know. Show you to your favourite table. They will make you feel welcomed, and comfortable, and always go the extra mile. To them, you are not just another diner. The carpet may not be as thick, the seats may not be as plush, and there may not be any chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Take those items away and there is very little difference between the independent family owned bistro, and a fine dining establishment. the food is often equally as good, and the service just as good and personal. Just in a slightly more relaxed, non glitzy manor. Which means the bill at the end of the night is likely to be slightly less.

We take a similar approach. We know our clients, we greet them warmly, ask about the family, who we know. We have their favourite radio station or music genre playing. We have the temperature in the car set to how we know they like it. We always go the extra mile, to make sure we are providing the highest possible level of service. To us, our clients are not “just another fare”. The badge on our vehicles may not say “S Class” or “7 Series”. Our drivers may not be fully suited and booted with a 3 piece suit and tie. However, we do everything a Chauffeur does, and equally as well, if not better. We just do it without the “fluff”, and in a non-glitzy manor. Which means our fee’s are slightly lower than a chauffeur’s.

When it comes to road passenger transport, whether one a off long distance or regular local travel, travelling with us is different to the other options available to you.

Experience the difference for yourself

If you would like to see for yourself how travelling Personal Class is different, get in touch with us to see how we can help you. You can email us at or you can phone us on 029 2268 0850. If you want to take the plunge straight away without speaking to us first, you can also book online or apply for an account online.

Change the way you get around. Don’t just go from A-B in economy class, Travel Personal Class.


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