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Whats in a Name?

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What is in a name? Whether it is a child, a product or a company, choosing the right name is critical. Choose the wrong name, and you the child, product or company could be facing an up-hill battle from day one. Get it right and the path to glory could be followed. When Personal Class Travel was being created we wanted name that said what it did on from the off, without being too wordy.

We wanted a name that would tell people who we were, and what we did, from the name alone. No explanation needed. We also didn’t want anything too long. Three words at most. In the end, Personal Class Travel was an easy choice to make. It tells you what we do from the outset. So what is in our name, and what does it really mean?

Driver Holding the door open
Personal Class Travel

When your travelling by train, you have a choice of First Class, or Economy Class. By Plane, you also get Business Class as an option as well. Some Airlines now are offering other classes as well, such as Virgin Upper Class. Economy Class, is the cheapest option, with First & Business Class each providing higher levels of comfort and service, at additional cost. Regardless of which class you travel on a train or plane, they do all share the same thing. Other people. Unless you are very lucky, and nobody else has booked a ticket, you will always be sharing your carriage or section of the plane with someone else.

With Personal Class Travel, you are the only one in the vehicle. A vehicle for you, and only you. For the duration of your journey, it is your own Personal Class. You are travelling Personal Class.

Everything we do as a company is underpinned by a very simple ethos. Delivering highest possible service, being faultlessly reliable, and ensuring our clients safety at all times. Safety, Service & Reliability. Whilst not being a huge mouthful, Personal Class Travel, doesn’t exactly fly off the tongue, so in house we shorten it to PCT. PCT however does not just stand for Personal Class Travel.

Profesional car travel
Interior of Car

PCT could also stand for Professional Car Travel, and still accurately describe what we do. We are professional. Only the best drivers with a proven record of outstanding customer care and professionalism make the grade and become a Personal Driver with us. We don’t just partner with any drivers, we have to be sure they will uphold the companies core values of Safety, Service & Reliability at all times.

Punctual Courteous trustworthy

Punctual, Courteous, Trustworthy is just another way of saying Safety, Service & Reliability.


We pride ourselves on our punctuality. We don’t just aim to be on time, we aim to be early. We are so proud and confident of our punctuality, that we don’t just make claims. Anyone can do that. We actually put our money where our mouth is with our “On Time Guarantee”. This means if we are more than 10 minutes late for a booking, the value of the booking may be eligible for a full refund!


Service service service.

Service means different things to different people, that is why you cant please all the people all of the time, as everyone has different expectations. What might be 5 star service to one person is only a 3 to someone else, and vice versa. To us communication is a large part of service. We communicate as much as possible. We send emails and text to confirm what has booked, we provide the drivers details the evening before the booking. If there is any possible doubt about where the driver should be met, we will provide maps and directions, and do everything we can to ensure our clients have all the information they need to meet with the driver. On the day, we send SMS alerts so the client knows the driver is on the way and have arrived, and our drivers will often contact our clients when they have arrived to let them know exactly where they are, and to open lines of communication. This particularly happens with locations that are not residential.

Once in the car, we check our clients are happy with the temperature, check for any preference of radio station, podcast, music genre and ensure they are comfortable. This is in addition to polite well presented drivers. With our Driver Share Club Members, we know all this anyway, and so everything is “just so” when they get in the car. We then proceed to drive them to their destination in a safe and responsible manner


Whilst you are in our vehicles, we are responsible for your Safety. A responsibility we take very seriously. Our clients trust us to get them where they need to be, when they need to be there in a safe a responsible manner. We carry out weekly and daily vehicle checks to ensure our vehicles are safe and road legal at all times. We pride ourselves in the way we drive. This means a smooth safe drive, being aware of our surroundings, and not taking any unnecessary risks. We don’t accelerate, brake or corner harshly. We don’t speed. We adhere to all the rules of the road at all times. As much as is possible we employ the “bowl of water” driving technique. This essentially is driving as if we have a full bowl of water in the car, and we want to spill as little of it as possible. This ensures, smooth acceleration, smooth cornering, and smooth braking, and not taking undue risks. All of which amounts to a smooth ride.

Our responsibility for your safety doesn’t just being and end when your are in the car. It begins before you have even met the driver. We will never leave you stranded somewhere. We wait longer than anyone else. We will never meet or leave you in a dangerous road position. Everywhere we will meet you will be some we can park safely, and you can get to the vehicle safely. Likewise, everywhere we stop to drop you off, will where we can stop safely and you can exit the vehicle safely.

Driver Share Club members benefit even more due to having their own driver who will drive them almost all the time. This means they are being met and driven by someone they know, and in a car they know. This allows them to ensure they are always getting in the right vehicle with the right driver.


Three little letters that mean so much. Whether its Professional Car Travel, Punctual Courteous Trustworthy or Personal Class Travel. When you are considering your travel options, just remember three letters, P C & T and then give us a call.

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